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Written and created by LYLA PERRY

Addl. models by WHITE GOBLIN

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
TagsExperimental, haunted-ps1, Horror, Retro, Walking simulator


MSLD1.0_WIN.zip 55 MB


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Sending hugs man

was making letsplay but then game felt just too personal. at the end i felt loneliness, when the black screen covered the image, i tried to find anything by sound. i couldn't. sorry dear diary writer i left you that way.


not what i was expecting at all lol im slightly confused lol but in a good way :D


I had a lot of fun watching the playthrough of this guy, will definitely check it out myself!

A really strange world to wander through.


What a bizarre game. Great job.


I feel like this game had layers of explaining a sort of love.  It was a demonstration of the feelings they were in and their experiences with someone and how they reacted and how someone else did too.  Some of the text seemed personal as it was coming from the diary, and the other text appearances throughout the game seemed like they were someone else.. or a different mindset the person was in when interacting with someone who touched their diary.  Is the diary a metaphor for something?  And the prison cell you start in, is it a representation of how the persons life feels?  How things are?  How they feel? 

I really like this game.  I connected with it even if what I thought above is completely wrong.  I do wonder if I'm right or close to it. I have those questions above, really got me thinking 

Love it!


Played the game...it went hard


That was really neat. Creeped me out but got me thinking. Very touching :)


Love this experimental game, didn't think that a game like this could get me thinking so much but well done Stewart, it got me going. 

This game is more an visual art installation for me more than anything else. Let me know if I got any part of the thought process correct. 


oh..i cried...

i like this.

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this is so sad i literally cried...great job




What a weird little game!  


This game gave me goosebumps and chills throughout my body. At the same time, it's very emotional because of the story in the diary itself. Great job!


So I put your game into an indie romp I made. Your game starts at 8:46

I feel the effect would have been better if you'd paced out the visuals more instead of using the same 3 spooky parts over and over. 

in regards to the diary, even including a button to read the diary (whether it is the players only option or not) adds some immersion rather than just having it auto read. The character over all was good and unsettling however when they speak as if you've smacked your face into the keyboard it just comes off as silly. 

I do hope i'm not coming off as harsh since it's not my intention. I want to see how far you get making these games :)




This was so unsettling! I kept getting chills and couldn't make the goosebumps go away. While it didn't get me to jump or scream, it's something that I'll most likely think about a lot. 


the story telling and how the author express his feelings in the diary is impressive although the i got creeped out of the face of the red guy tho HAHHAH Anyway a pretty awesome game its the first game


I made a tierlist for a lot of the haunted ps1 games and this game was in it! Please check out my video!


Poetic, dark, confusing, surreal. Those are the 4 words I'd use to describe this terrifically unique experience. A really great and artistic game! Well done! 


Definitely interesting, with a compelling story. My only criticism

is that, since there is reading throughout the whole experience, I felt like I had to choose between exploring or catching the next line of story. But I think that’s me more than anything else. I won’t forget that ugly mug anytime soon, that’s for sure. 



Thank you so much Bratch.  Your reaction made my year :) 


Atmospheric environments and some really creepy texturing and modeling work, great to accompany the unsettling diary entries. Great job!

Dont think I have ever read anything as disturbing as those diary entries. Wonderful Job on the game definetly gonna check out your other game!!! Keep Up The Grind!


This was bizarre, strange, and I loved every second of it. Well done, dev! Thank you for tickling my nostalgia bone.

thank you :) more coming........


Gave it a go

thank you for the thoughtful commentary :)

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

we might patch it at some point, add some more content to the dream worlds bug fixes etc


I really enjoyed playing this game. It was a very interesting experience



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I've played alot of the Ps1 style games that just came out and I personally liked your the most. props man

Thank you !!